It is the beginning of the seventies when Victor, the founder, opens the first men’s clothing store in the center of Rome. Thanks to his experience in the field of fabrics and yarns, in a short time he manages to make himself known and appreciated for the attention to detail in creating his high-quality products, characteristics that have distinguished the brand since inception.



As a result of national economic growth, Eredipisanò expands its presence by opening new stores in the most prestigious areas of the capital: Via Borgognona, Via del Corso and Via Cola di Rienzo. In a moment of great rise, the brand also opens stores within the most renowned shopping centers in the city. On what is this incredible success based? On simple ingredients, such as the undisputed quality of the products as well as the attention that Eredipisanò pays to its customers.


Eredipisanò in New York

Following national acceptance in Italy, the beginning of the new millennium brings with it the ambitious entrance into the international market. We are in December 2001 when Eredipisanò lands overseas on one of the most prestigious streets in New York, Madison Avenue. The opening of a new store is the biggest test to the brand until that point. Success is quick and immediate. The quality connoted by the “Made in Italy” label combined with the modern and innovative lines of the collections allow Eredipisanò to place itself in a market niche aimed at customers who look for quality and Italian tailoring.


The Outlets

Over time the retail market is renewed with new sales concepts and Eredipisanò decides to extend its commercial strategy to outlets as well. The brand opens two stores, in Castel Romano and Barberino del Mugello, to allow customers to purchase high-end items at extremely affordable prices. The success of the stores leads Eredipisanò to expand to other areas of Italy such as the Adriatic Riviera and the Triveneto.


The Web

With an eye on the present and optimism towards the future, Eredipisanò looks to the web for distribution of its product and another way to foster its relationship with customers who have always been attuned to the evolution of Made in Italy fashion.


The Debut of the Online Store

With a goal of strengthening its growth in the digital field, Eredipisanò makes its debut in e-commerce with its first online store, a portal capable of offering the full line of the brand’s products and services, from Eredipisanò clothing to accessories to made-to-measure. The launch aims to expand the distribution network with a particular focus on new markets.

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